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Spring Sports Coaches and Volunteers Needed!!
We always need coaches in all of our Spring sports programs.  Head and Assistant Coaches are needed for all sports, prior experience is not required. Volunteers are needed to help with a variety of tasks, including team representation, fundraising, field preparations, etc..  Coaches and volunteers can sign-up at the information tables on sign-up nights, by contacting the sports commissioners at the numbers listed, or by sending an email to cfca@stny.rr.com.  Please support CFCA programs by helping coach or volunteer .  You can make a difference for CFCA youth!
CFCA Officers - 2015
President ......... Ron Crawford (765-7438)
Vice President ..  Jamie Allen (648-5122)
Treasurer ......... Rebecca Andreula (206-4631)
Secretary ......... Mindy Bufford (644-3724)
Publicity ........... Amy Fassett (621-0667)
e-mail address = cfca@stny.rr.com
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2015 CFCA Spring Sports Sign-ups are Underway!!
You Can Access Forms and Instructions for Signing Up By Mail
At This Link
In-Person Sign-ups have been held.  All sign-ups should be via
Mail-In forms at this point.
Note: Softball Sign-Ups must be received by March 27th
Click Here for a Full Listing of Full and Reduced Fees
Youth Softball
CF Youth Softball offers Spring Softball options in 3
levels of participation, for players in grades 1-6.
Softball levels are:
Ready Reserves: 1st and 2nd graders  Coaches pitch using a safety softball.  All players bat and play in field. Length of games varies, usually 3-5 innings. Developmental league.
Minor League: 3rd and 4th graders.  Players pitch, using a regular softball.  Balls, strikes, outs are tracked. 
Major League: 5th and 6th graders. Players pitch, using regular softball.  Balls, strikes, outs are tracked.  Play is against other teams from the local area.  
Spring Softball season runs mid-April to late June. Each softball player must provide their own glove. Team Equipment and uniforms are provided for all players.
Sign-up fee for all levels of Softball is $45 per player.
No sign-ups will be taken after March 20th. 
Questions? Call Amy Willis, 427-1682.
Youth Baseball
CF Youth Baseball offers several Spring and Summer
Baseball options for players ages 5 – 18.  Spring
programs are for players aged 5 – 12, in 4 levels:
Farm: There are 2 levels of Farm baseball. 5-6 year
olds play games where players hit off tees, or hit pitches thrown by coaches. 7-8 year olds play 4 inning games where kids pitch to the batter for 3 innings, and coaches pitch for 1 inning as time permits. A softer, safety ball is used. This is a Fun, non-competitive beginner league. Fee for Farm level is $40 per player.
Minors: 9 yrs and up.  Players pitch.  Walks and strike-outs.  Standard Youth League Rules. Base stealing allowed (except home). Six inning games. Developmental league.  The fee for the Minors level is $55 per player.
Majors: 9 yrs and up.  Requires try-out and selection by draft.  Standard Little League Rules. Paid umpires. Play teams from the local area in the Competitive Little Chenango Valley League.   The fee for the Majors level is $65 per player.
Questions about baseball? Please contact Jim Bender, jimbender26@gmail.com or 222-1025.

MAJORS NOTE: Players at the Majors level must either be returning Majors players, or must participate in a Majors try-out session, and be drafted by a Majors team.  Players wishing to try out for Majors should pay the fee ($65) and sign-up for a try-out time, either at in-person sign-ups on March 3rd or 4th, or by calling 222-1025.  Players that try out for majors and are not selected will play at the minors level, and $10 of the registration fee will be refunded.
Tee-Ball is for both Boys & Girls ages 4 & 5. The
purpose of the Tee-Ball program is to teach the core fundamentals of baseball/softball: how to throw, catch, and hit.
Special soft balls are hit off tees.  All  players play
in the field and hit, and games usually last 2-3
innings. Players need to provide their own glove. Fee for Tee-Ball is $30. Call Ron Crawford at 765-7438 for more info.
Tee-Ball Coaches Needed!!
The Tee-Ball program usually has a limited number of returning coaches. This means we need new volunteers to be Tee-Ball coaches every year.  Coaching Tee-Ball is fun and easy!! Please consider coaching. For more info or to sign up to coach, call Ron Crawford at 765-7438, or send an email to CFCA@stny.rr.com.
Youth Lacrosse
Boys Lacrosse
Come join the fastest growing sport in the US! We will have three levels of boys lacrosse programs this year: U8 (6-8 yr olds), U10 (9-10 yrs) and U12 (11-12 yrs). Games are played against teams from other school districts. Equipment supplied by CFCA includes, helmet, shoulder pads, and gloves with deposit, also a jersey and mouth guard. Each player must provide their own lacrosse stick and arm pads. Lacrosse runs from April to late June. Fee for all levels of Boys Lacrosse is $65 per player. We hold an open gym session every Sunday 11:30-1, in the High School gym. We also have a school travel team to extend your season. If you have any questions please email Charlie Gabriel at charles.gabriel@lmco.com.

Girls Lacrosse
This year our Girls Lacrosse program will include two age groups, with age ranges of 6-9 yrs old, and 10-12 yrs old.  In the 6-9 group the focus will be on the basic  fundamentals of Girls Lacrosse.  The 10-12 team will learn and play by the same rules as our Varsity (except no checking).  Games are played against teams of other school districts. Each Player will be required to provide their own girls lacrosse stick, protective goggles, and a colored mouth guard (clear mouth guards are not permitted).  Sign-up fee is $40 / player. If you have questions contact  Greg Burden, 624-1383 or duckhunter3433@gmail.com.
Spring Sport Coordinators
T-Ball ............... Ron Crawford (765-7438)
Baseball ........... Jim Bender (222-1025)
Softball ............ Amy Willis, 427-1682
Boys Lacrosse .. Charlie Gabriel (725-8567)
Girls Lacrosse ... Greg Burden (624-1383)